Welcome to htmlBuilder’s documentation

HtmlBuilder is a python library that allows you to render HTML files by writing python code. And to make use of python features, clean syntax, and object-oriented design to their full potential.

Why should you care about this library?

When rendering HTML programmatically, there are other options available (template engines and other rendering libraries). Still, these are often limited in what they can do, or it’s necessary to learn a new level of abstraction before being productive. HtmlBuilder tries to improve on this by following the next few ideas:

  • Minimal learning curve: Users should need no more than Python and HTML knowledge to be productive using this tool.
  • Real python code: The final code looks and behaves as you would expect from other python code.
  • Easily testable: Users can introspect and unit test the HTML object structure before rendering the HTML string.

How to contribute?

The complete source code is available on GitHub.

Feel free to open an Issue or to submit a pull request.


The project is licensed under the MIT license.